Economical alternate to dedicated hosting, best fits for all size websites regardless of web traffic. If you are new and want to build website or blog for your business then don’t scroll ahead shared hosting would be best choice for you.

Shared Hosting

More than what you need. We want your business growth.

Also included with all Shared Hosting plans

We know what you need with your hosting
and hostvena includes all for you.

Email accounts

For all business related communication you might need your own branded email address which is included with all shared hosting and WordPress hosting plans. Create branded email address with your domain to promote your business.

FTP accounts

Whenever you signup with a shared hosting plan you will get a default FTP account to upload you exiting web applications and files directly through FTP access. You can even create more ftp account to give access to your developers or website administrators.

Fast reliable and most economical

If you are in search of a fast and affordable web hosting then you are at the right place. Shared webhosting is the most reliable and economical digital bridge to success. Just choose and start your online journey in the digital world with only few dollars.

99.9% up time

Tell the world that you are alive and it is possible only when you will be available round the clock. We assure you that your presence will not be compromised at any cost.

One Click app installer (Linux)

New to web hosting? Yes. Creating website is no trickier even for you; our 1 click installer will do it for you and we settle your online life. Install and configure hundreds of applications using softaculous and it has helped millions of users install applications by the click of a button.


Frequently used operations (managing databases, tables, columns, relations, indexes, users, permissions, etc) can be performed via the user interface, while you still have the ability to directly execute any SQL statement.

Free Domain

Hosvena provides free domains for STARTER, GROW UP and VENA PLUS clients. You have to pay just for hosting and you’ll get a free domain.

Free SSL Certificate

Your security is our first priority. Hostvena provides Freel SSL certificates with all Shared hosting plans. Be aware! You are safe and secure with hostvena and we know how to secure your precious data online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shared Hosting is an entry-level web hosting where one physical server hosts multiple tenants/users and their websites. All users share the resources of the server like storage, network bandwidth, processing power. Since each user gets a share of the server resources where they can host their website it keeps the costs low for everyone. The users share server resources on-demand, receiving a percentage of databases, disk space, CPU, RAM, bandwidth as well as email and FTP accounts. Other resources include the single MySQL server, Apache server, and email server. It is the most cost-effective hosting suitable for hobbyists, beginners, small businesses, start-ups, personal websites.

Once you purchase a Shared hosting plan from HostVena, the order can take up to 30minutes to complete before the hosting account is activated. Once the account is activated you will receive a Welcome email from HostVena with your cPanel login details along with email, FTP and nameserver settings.

We provide an opportunity to log in to your Hosting account directly from the HostVena client area. Therefore, you don’t need to remember cPanel login details. When a Shared Hosting account is activated, the cPanel auto-login buttons appear in the Account Panel.

cPanel is a web-browser based control panel that allows you to manage your shared hosting services like DNS, file manager, email accounts on the server. You’ll be able to build your site with our Website Builder, use a 1-click installer to set up applications like WordPress, Joomla, upload and manage files, create email accounts, and check the stats of your sites. Your cPanel login details are sent in your Welcome Email when you purchase a hosting plan.

Yes! you can install and set up a WordPress site with a 1-click install in your hosting account without worrying about downloading WordPress manually, uploading it to the server, creating a database, configuring the settings or manually install it.

Although price is the biggest factor when deciding about what web host to use, you should look for other factors that affect your site directly like uptime, support, server speed, datacentre location, network speed etc.

Below are some important criteria you should look for when choosing a shared web hosting provider-

  • Uptime

When you are choosing a shared hosting plan, make sure you have certain uptime guarantees. The bare minimum you should accept from your host is 99%. A web host with bad uptime causes frustration for the site owner, its users and affects its ranking in search engines.

  • Speed

Sites sharing a server don’t affect the speed and performance of each other using the shared hosting at Namecheap, but this can’t be said of many web hosting companies.

  • Traffic

Always estimate the bandwidth requirement for your website while choosing a web host. You may be breaking your host fair use policy if you utilize too much bandwidth. So always make sure to read the fine print of the fair use policy of the host.

  • Resources

In shared hosting, server resources are shared across the tenants and their websites. Always make sure to read the fine print of the web host for fair use policy. If your site receives a huge amount of traffic or has large downloadable files, it may cause a problem for other sites on the server. A web host may choose to warn you or suspend your account.

  • Limited customization

A shared host doesn’t allow you to run alternative operating systems like Ubuntu, databases like PostgreSQL. If you have such special technical requirements, shared hosting might not be right for you. Instead, you should purchase a VPS or dedicated server and customize it according to your requirement.

  • Support

Although shared hosting is inexpensive, it isn’t an excuse for poor support from the hosting provider. Look out for a web host with live chat support working around the clock with proper help, documentation section, email, and phone support.

  • Disk Space

It refers to the amount of hard disk space a web host company provides to the user with their hosting plan. If your site is image-heavy or features audio or video files, make sure you have enough space available with your hosting plan. Media heavy website also needs a lot of bandwidth to serve the site to users. Therefore, make sure you monitor the disk space and bandwidth from your web host’s control panel.

  • Control Panels

Control panel is a web-based interface that allows you to manage your server, email, DNS settings etc. Make sure that your web host includes a control panel with the shared hosting.

  • One-click Applications Installer

For easy installation of applications like Joomla, WordPress, or a website builder such as Weebly, select a web host that offers a 1-click installer like softaculous.

A VPS provides you access to your resources that aren’t shared with other tenants like in shared hosting. You get a pre-installed operating system (OS) of your choice with allocated space, CPU, and bandwidth. If you are looking to scale up your website, run a marketing campaign for the site, have an eCommerce site it is highly recommended to use a VPS.

Shared hosting is the right choice for setting up your website if you:


  1. Are a beginner and have little experience with web hosting and servers
  2. Are a hobbyist
  3. Want to keep costs minimally down
  4. Are creating a small business site, or something for your friends or family
  5. Are learning or experimenting with applications like WordPress or Joomla
  6. Are running a small business or start-up
  7. Are learning and experimenting with web design, development, and coding
  8. Don’t expect a massive spike in traffic

HostVena Shared hosting offers a flexible solution to these.