A Virtual private server (VPS) that is only for you and you will be the single owner of all hosting resources. You have your very own dedicated server that gives you freedom to choose the OS that best fits to you. If you need unparalleled freedom and lot of resources – best choice is VPS hosting.​

VPS Hosting

A range of VPS hosting products based on your need.HostVena offers best VPS servers around the world. For fast access and best performance choose your VPS from one of our multiple datacenters which is closest to your target audience. Low latency is always first when it comes to a server hosting. 


All Servers comes with features you want

We care your needs

Root level access

You have full control on your sever resources you have 100% freedom to set and manage your server as you want. With a very little technical knowledge you can easily and quickly manage all you resources. You have your own disk space and memory unlike shared hosting

Dedicated resources

Your sever resources are dedicated to one and only you. No multiple, user no sharing you are the sole owner of your server resources. You can set and manage resources that suit your website and business needs.

Control panel

Get cPanel and WHM on Linux or Plesk on Windows. It's your choice.

DDoS protection

Data-center network protection keeps your resources safe in case of an attack.

24×7 Dedicated Technical support

We are available to help and support you round the clock. You never need to get worry; in case of any issue whether it is a safe and fast transfer of your website, installation of modules, templates or any other issue our expert and professional technical team is always here to help you.

Updates and security

All VPS hosting plans included very tight security measures. Our fool proof security tools can easily detect and block malicious users. We also provide Free SSL certificate for all our customers to protect and secure their business.


We always make sure your site is up and running.

SSD Disk Driver

High speed Solid State Drives ( SSD) up to 150 GB Storage space for VPS clients that is twenty time faster than SATA disk drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

VPS short for virtual private servers works by dividing a physical server into separate virtual machines, each of which operates completely independently from one another. Each VPS has its customized OS (operating system) and allocated resources like CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and disk space. It closely mimics the environment that of a Dedicated Server, without the costs associated with it.

Advantages of a VPS Hosting over other hosting solutions include:


  • Isolation & Improved Performance – You own dedicated resources on the server without sharing them with other users meaning higher security and enhanced performance of your website for your audience.
  • Control & Higher Level of Customization – You get root access on the VPS hosting allows you to customize the server settings to your liking.
  • Cost-Effective – VPS hosting closely mimics the environment that of a Dedicated Server, without the costs associated with it.
  • Highly Scalable – As your website gains popularity, you can easily upgrade your VPS resources.
  • Host Resource Intensive Application – Many applications can’t be run in a Shared Hosting environment as they are resource hogging. A VPS provides additional resources to run such applications.

Shared Hosting is an entry-level web hosting where one physical server hosts multiple tenants/users and their websites. All users share the resources of the server like storage, network bandwidth, processing power, RAM. Since each user gets a share of the server resources where they can host their website it keeps the costs low for everyone. The users share server resources on-demand, receiving a percentage of databases, disk space, CPU, RAM, bandwidth as well as email and FTP accounts. Other resources include the single MySQL server, Apache server, and email server. It is the most cost-effective hosting suitable for hobbyists, beginners, small businesses, start-ups, personal websites.


The drawback of Shared Hosting is that it can be relatively inflexible for more advanced users who need customized server configuration, more control and receives large traffic to their website. This is when you should consider VPS Hosting.


VPS Hosting provides the perfect solution with more power and flexibility than Shared Hosting but is still cost-effective than renting a dedicated server. Each VPS has its customized OS (operating system) and allocated resources like CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and disk space which are not shared among users. It closely mimics the environment that of a Dedicated Server, without the costs of it.

HostVena VPS Hosting is very user-friendly to use. If you are moving from a shared hosting environment and have experience using cPanel, you will find yourself at home with VPS Hosting. We include the same easy-to-use cPanel control panel, you have used in Shared Hosting. There is no learning curve, and you can manage your domains, DNS, emails, file manager etc all from one control panel.

If your website has gain popularity and is receiving high traffic consistently, it is the perfect time to consider upgrading to a VPS Hosting from shared hosting. However, there are several other reasons to consider while moving to VPS hosting:


  • You are operating multiple sites and need additional resources for them.
  • You need greater control over the security and privacy of your website.
  • You run a revenue-generating business operating an eCommerce store.
  • You want to run resource-intensive applications like a CRM or web scraper that can’t be run on a shared hosting environment.
  • You need root access to your server.
  • You want more control in terms of the operating system, packages, security, and updates.
  • You want to resell to your clients.

HostVena offers top-notch server hardware, network connections, data centre locations, top security, and flexibility when your business scales up with full control over your VPS hosting environment. This is ideal for web developers, resellers, eCommerce businesses. All this at an affordable price.

Although running a VPS server implies a minimum server management knowledge and skills. However, if you are moving up from Shared Hosting, you can choose to run your VPS with cPanel, and we will set up everything for you. You can refer to the VPS section of our knowledgebase articles if you prefer to configure things on your own.

VPS Hosting is perfect if you need more resources and control than Shared Hosting but still cost-effective than a dedicated server. Consider the following factors when deciding on a VPS Hosting plan:


  • Resources required like CPU, space, RAM, bandwidth.
  • The preferred operating system as some applications requires a specific OS to run.
  • Choice of control panel like cPanel that eases lots of server management tasks.

Your VPS Hosting includes, but is not limited to, the following:


  • Custom Operating Systems – You can select the OS for your VPS as per your needs ranging from CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows etc.
  • Custom Software – You get full root access to install, update, change any package, application, or OS. You can shut down or reboot your server anytime from the client area.
  • VPS Management control panel – You can choose to install cPanel as a control panel to manage server related tasks.
  • Custom Data Centre Location – HostVena offers worldwide data centre locations. Choose a data centre closer to you or your users for reduced latency and faster performance.

HostVena VPS plans are completely scalable. You can upgrade your VPS plan from the client area or contact our support team and we will be happy to help.