Terms and Conditions


Your use of HostVena website is subject to the terms and conditions (this “Agreement”). This agreement is a legal bind between us HostVena and you. It is important to read the document because it highlights (i) what is allowed and not allowed when using our website or the Services (ii) the rights that HostVena possesses when you do something that is not allowed, (iii) your rights as a user of our website and the Services (iv) additional important terms.

The terms “us”, “we” or “our” refers to HostVena The terms “user”, “customer”, “you”, or “your” refers to you or any individual or entity using our website or services or who accepts these Terms and Conditions.

Agreements and Modification

HostVena is in its absolute and sole discretion to modify, or completely change these Terms and Conditions and other agreements and policies that are included here at any time. Such modifications and changes take effect immediately after posting to this website. Your continued use of our website after modification and changes to Terms and Conditions shall constitute your acceptance of the last version of this Agreement.

HostVena reserves the rights to change, modify or terminate any aspects or services of this website at any time. HostVena may occasionally notify users of any modification and changes to Terms and Conditions via email. It is your responsibility to check the updated version. HostVena shall not be held liable for incorrect information provided that might lead to your failure to receive email notifications.

Account Eligibility

By signing up to use our services, you warrant that

  • You are (18) years of age or older. The services provided on this website are intended for users who are 18 years and above. Anyone under the age of (18) years is considered unauthorized and they will be violating this Agreement.
  • If you are representing other entities or third party corporate, you warrant that you have the legal authority to bind the third party entities to the terms and conditions in this Agreement. In this case, the terms “customer”, “user”, “your” or “you” shall refer to those corporate entities. If HostVena finds that you do not have a legal obligation to bind such corporate entity, you will be held liable for the Terms and Conditions in this Agreement.
  • You agree to (i) provide complete and accurate information about you and corporate entities you represent as prompted in the registration forms. (ii) Maintain confidentiality of the information related to secure login to your account and password. (iii) Maintain an accurate and prompt update of information you provide to HostVena (IV) be responsible for use of your account and other actions that takes place through your account.

You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for making a backup of all subscriber contents and subscriber websites.

User Content/Account

To access features and The Services on this website, you will have to create a user account. You warrant and represent to HostVena that the information you provide during account creation is accurate, complete and current. If we have a reason to believe that the information provided is inaccurate, incomplete or not current, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account. You are responsible to keep your account details secure. You are also responsible for all actions or activities that occur on your Account. You must therefore keep customers’ number, login information, password, payment methods, and shopper pin secure. We recommend that you change your account password at least once in every 6 months to keep your account safe.

General Rules of Conduct

You agree and acknowledge that:

  • Your use of this website and services including the information you submit will duly comply with this Terms and Conditions and any other applicable policy and the Services Agreement. You also agree to comply with local, state, national and international laws, regulations and rules.
  • You agree that you will not collect unauthorized user content or any personally identifiable information which is nonpublic about other users, a person, or entity without their written consent.
  • You will not use this website or services in a manner that;
    1. Is illegal or encourages illegal activity.
    2. Encourages or engages in the exploitation of children or any related activities to child sexual abuse.
    3. Encourages, engages or promote the act of terrorism and violence against individuals, property or animals.
    4. Encourages, promise or engages in unsolicited bulk email, spamming, or network hacking or cracking.
    5. Infringes of intellectual property rights of other users or entities.
    6. Violates the publicity rights or privacy rights of another user or person or entity.
    7. Interferes with the operation of this website or services.
    8. Installation of any viruses or other programs or files that are designed to interfere or damage the functionality of any hardware or software.
    9. Contain deceptive or false language regarding HostVena services.
    10. You will not conduct any abusive, false or fraudulent activity.
    11. You will not perform or impose in any discretion or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure.
  • You will not copy or share any medium of this site or services without the authorization from HostVena.
  • You agree to be responsible for backing up all user data and content. HostVena will not be responsible for lost data. You accept the risk of the loss.
  • You will not resell or redistribute any services for commercial purposes without the written consent from HostVena
  • You will not alter or circumvent any security-related features of this site or services.
  • You agree to provide identification card and or any other government issues identifications for identity verification upon request.
  • You are aware that HostVena may call you from time to time about your account. These calls may be subject to recording and hereby agree to the same.
  • If your purchases on this site show sign of fraud or suspicious activity, we reserve the right to cancel any services linked to your name, email, or phone number. We also reserve the right to take legal action and you may be liable for any monetary loses to HostVena

Availability of Website or Services

Subject to our policies and Terms and Conditions in this site, we shall apply efforts commercially reasonable to provide the services and make the site accessible for 24 hours 7 day a week. You acknowledge that this site may be inoperable or inaccessible from time to time for any reasons including but not limited to periodic maintenance, equipment malfunctions, replacements, repairs that we undertake from time to time. Some causes can be beyond our responsible control including but not limited to termination or failure of digital transmission, telecommunication, network attacks or congestion. You agree and acknowledge that we are not in control of uninterrupted or continuous availability of this site or the Services. We assume no liability to you or other entity with regard thereto.

Account Termination Policy

HostVena do not prescreen user content however we hold the right to do any time to determine whether the user content complies or is appropriate with the this Agreement. We may remove an item of user content or terminate user access to this site and the Services if found posting any materials that violate this Agreement at any time without prior notification. If we terminate your access to this site or the Services, we may in our absolute and sole discretion destroy or remove any files and data stored by you in our servers.

Services Discontinuation

HostVena reserves the right to discontinue offering (i) services or (ii) individual features, aspects of the services, functionality at any time for any or no reason and without prior notice. Although we make great efforts to maximize the lifespan of all our features and services, sometimes the services, features and functionalities can reach their (End of Life) EOL. In this case, the feature, functionality or aspect of the Services will not be supported by HostVena effective on the EOL date.

We will attempt to notify you in case of any service or feature nearing its EOL date. This is done 30 or more days in advance. You must take the necessary and recommended steps to replace the service or feature before the EOL date. In most cases, we will provide an additional, or alternative feature, or service to migrate to. HostVena will not be liable for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of third-party services that we may offer or facilitate access to.

Billing and Payments

You acknowledge and agree that your payment method may be charged by our affiliated entities. Your payment will be processed by HostVena

Fees Due

You are responsible for paying to HostVena all the fees for the services provided in the registration form. The payment should be made at the time of your order of the Services. All fees and payment are non-refundable when paid other than the exception provided herein.


We may change the prices from time to time. HostVena may increase the price for the services (i) as stated in the description of the services on the website or in promotional offers. (ii) At any time and expiration of the previous initial term through the provision on at least 30 days prior. It is your responsibility to update and renew your billing information through the Subscriber Billing tool provided by HostVena. All promotional prices are for the first term only and renews at the regular rate.


The fees advertised on our website do not include the taxes applicable for sales, use, or other taxes that are imposed by any taxing authority concerning the services provided. All such taxes can be added by HostVena to your invoice for the fees to be paid.

Add-on Services

If you purchased add-on services such as SSL certificates, Domain Privacy, or security services, you may be needed to attach the services to a specific domain to start using the add-on services. We are not responsible if you fail to attach the add-on services to the domain name and we will not provide refunds to any paid but unused services.


The fraudulently use or misuse of credit cards, electronic funds transfer or electronic checks is a violation of this Agreement. HostVena can take appropriate action and report such to law enforcing authorities, appropriate government or credit reporting services.

Auto-Renewal of Services

The default Terms of the Services bought will be for the period selected on the services registration form. Unless you cancel the services or disable the auto-renewal feature, following the expiration date of the initial term, the Service bought will auto-renew for the next equal length as the initial term. For the auto-renewal feature, we will provide notice for an upcoming charge to your payment method. It is therefore your responsibility to be aware of the upcoming changes. You may disable the auto-renew option for your hosting account. This can be done anytime in your account’s control panel. It is your responsibility to backup all your data in case you need them later on. You can also disable auto-renew of the domain name and domain privacy features. You may also disable the auto-renewal of SSL verification add-on services.

Termination of Services

If you fail to pay for a due service, we may terminate or suspend your services or even pursue any cost that we have incurred within the arbitration, legal fee, our attorney fee. We will not be liable for termination, or loss of user content resulting from termination of services due to non-payment. You can terminate any services from HostVena by noticing us through email or phone . We can also terminate the access of the services without notice if (i) you fail to pay the due fees (ii) you violate terms of service and agreement (iii) you harm or abuse HostVena staff or other users (iv) you disrupt the operation and service delivery of HostVena (v) Phishing, Abusive or Fraudulent activities are strictly prohibited and if found any such the account might be terminated or suspended. In that case your data might be lost as we strictly monitor  such activities in our server take necessary actions to keep other accounts/services safe and running .

CPU, Bandwidth and Disk Usage

Permitted CPU and disk usage – the shared hosting space may be used for user websites, web files and active emails. Shared hosting services may not be used for storage whether storage of electronic files, FTP hosts or email. We reserve the rights to evaluate shared account for any misuse of CPU and disk space as well as other additional resources that may violate this agreement.

Any shared hosting account can not utilise more than 25%  resources of the server. We can terminate or limit the use of services or impose an additional fee when user accounts found to violate the HostVena terms and conditions. There is no limit to the bandwidth usage but this is subject to the terms and plans that you have purchased and can be seen on the control panel.

Shared accounts may not be used to resell web hosting to other individuals. If you wish to resell web hosting you must use a reseller account. We reserve the rights to reset the password for dedicated services in our regular security audits. It is your responsibility to ensure that the password is current for your dedicated server to prevent downtime.

Storage of Backups

You are not allowed to use your hosting account as a backup solution. Shared hosting Services are designed to host your website only and will not be used as a data repository. HostVena reserves the right to remove backups and other data files used as file sharing from your hosting account with or without notice. This is not applicable for ‘Shared Limited’ hosting accounts. 

Limitation of Liability


HostVena shall not be responsible for nonperformance or delay in performance caused by any reason, whether within or outside of its control. In no event will the HostVena be liable to you or any third person for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental or punitive damages, including for any lost profits or lost data arising from your use of the services, or any subscriber content, subscriber website or other materials accessed or downloaded through the services, even if HostVena is aware or has been advised of the likelihood of such damages.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, HostVena liability to you or any party claiming through you for any cause whatsoever, and no matter the nature of the action, is limited to the quantity paid, if any, by you to HostVena for the services within the three (3) months before the initial action giving rise to liability. This is an aggregate limit. The existence of over one claim won’t increase this limit. No action, arising out of this agreement or out of the services could also be raised by you, the subscriber, (1) year after the event which gave rise to the explanation for action. Some jurisdictions do not allow a limitation on liability for negligence that causes death or personal injury and, in such jurisdictions, HostVena liability shall be limited to the greatest extent permitted by law.

Limited Warranty

The features and services offered in their terms and condition are provided on an “as is available basis” therefore HostVena offers no warranties or representations that the services or features will be (i) available continuously or uninterrupted, complete or secure, error-free or (ii) as to the results that might be obtained from the use of features or services or (iii) as to the reliability, accuracy or content of any information offered through the services of HostVena  and our affiliate, agents, employees, licensors, supplies are not liable and disclaim and liability for data and content transferred whether to or from users or saved by the user on or through our services.

Links to Third-Party Websites

This site or the Services may contain links to third party websites, HostVena is not responsible for the content, privacy policies, terms and condition and other practices of the third-party websites. We do not edit or censor the content of any third party websites. By using the services on this website you release HostVena from liabilities arising from the third party website. We encourage that you be fully aware when you leave this site to a third-party website and review their terms and conditions and other governing documents.

Disclosure to Law Enforcement

HostVena may disclose User information to law enforcement agencies without prior notice if the user is unlawful. We corporate fully to the law enforcement agencies.

Contact Details

If you have any queries about this Agreement, please contact us using the following contact details.

13 Contour Rd, Austral, NSW – 2179.